Monday, May 16, 2011

Dad's Corner

We have a 20 month old boy. My wife was a pediatric occupational therapist, and I work as the R&D manager of New Drug Development for a pharmaceutical company that makes injectable drugs. My degrees are in chemistry and biology, and I do human and animal drug development studies for a living.

I have reviewed both the vaccine industry safety data and independent, peer reviewed, published (often times contradictory) safety data.  My decision to not vaccinate our son is based on a carefully balanced risk benefit analysis.  Regardless of the unethical bullsh*t that vaccine manufacturers have been known to get away with (publishing some studies and burying others), the risks of contracting a vaccine preventable disease is estimated at between 1 in ~600 to 1 in several 100K depending on the disease.  If you compare this number with deaths and disabilities attributed to these same diseases your childs risk of being permenantly disabled or killed by a "vaccine preventable" disease is about 1 in 100,000.  This is awful to be sure.  So lets compare this with the current accepted rates of Vaccine induced brain injury (encephalopathy).

1 in 83 boys are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. In fact, several sources put it closer to 1 in ~35. A recent Korean study similar numbers ~1 in 38.  This number goes up  if you include seizure disorders, Vaccine induced brain injury (encephalopathy) childhood cancers and auto-immune diseases all of which have been linked to either vaccines themselves or the toxic ingredients they contain.

I orchestrate shipments both into and out of our facility of chemical compounds all the time.  My facilities and records of these shipments are audited by the DOT for compliance to IATA regulations regularly.  We classify shipments for DOT compliance based on a lot of information.  Compounds are assumed to be dangerous (toxic, flammable, corrosive..) until proven otherwise.  Information such as LD-50 (oral rat) is one of the ways to establish a materials toxicity classification.  LD-50 is the amount of a compound it takes to kill half of a population of rats if force fed to them orally (an awful concept but necessary to establish the dangers of a particular substance or compound).  Toxic compounds are separated by packing group (I, II or III).  Mercury salts, aluminum salts, among other vaccine ingredients are acutely toxic or packaging group I,  meaning that microgram quantities kill rats.  It also means I need special dangerous goods declaration forms, special packaging, drop testing etc. to establish that anyone coming into contact with a leaky container knows to stay back and call in the HAZMAT team.  So I ask you... why on earth would I inject this toxic crap into my newborn son??  Why is it an acceptable risk, and why is it "required" for the vaccine to work or remain stable?  These ingredients have been proven time and time again to be dangerous, even in extremely low doses.

As a toxicologist, I must emphasize that toxicity (separate from hypersensitivity reactions) is almost always based on accumulated dose. 

The neonate vaccine schedule should be weighed against the fact that biliruben (required to clear toxins from the body) is not produced by the liver until 7 months of age.  Toxic compounds in vaccines are assumed to be less of a risk than the risk that your newborn will contract one of these diseases.  I wholeheartedly disagree with this logic.  These are developing immune systems and continuously bombarding them with upwards of seven viruses at once, and known heavy metal neurotoxins surely has greater consequenses than the risk that a 2 month old will be exposed to a vaccine preventable disease.  Especially if the mother is breastfeeding.  The blood brain barrier has not even started to develop until several round of shots are given and not fully developed until your child is about eight years old. This toxic crap has been very effectively engineered to attack the brains of those glorious beings it was designed to protect.

Whole cell pertussis vaccines were administered for 40 years, when study after study demonstrated almost 100% of the patients receiving this vaccine had some degree of encephalopathy (brain swelling). Another well controlled study that blew my mind demonstrated developmental delays in newborn Reece's (sp.) monkey's given the HEP-B vaccine, according to the current vaccine schedule.  These animal had clinically significant delays in primitive reflex responses, including the rooting reflex.  We will discuss these and excerpt sections of these studies in more detail as this blog develops.

In the coming weeks I will try to summarise studies conducted in Denmark indicating there are many strains of "pertussis" virus resistant to the current vaccine and instead of developing a new vaccine we refute this data and give more frequent shots of the strain that isn't making us sick.  This logic doesn't work for me.

There was a huge HMO coding study in California (followed by a huge CDC, Clinician, NIH, drug industry meeting in June 2000 ref: simpsonwood) linking the total doses of vaccines containing mercury directly to the increased number of followup health related interventions (allergies, autism, ADD, ADHD, autoimmune, Diabetes, Cancers...). They also discussed that a single flu shot has enough mercury 12.5ug to cause ADD in all boys studied (this paper reads as a 500+ page transcript of the meeting without the printed visual/slides references.   Those were not allowed to leave the conference).  The NIH, along with experts from pharma and the CDC came up with a strategy to spin the results so they would never get out for fear of decreased vaccination rates.

Vaccine manufacturers, to hold on to patent exclusivity, bundle several vaccines together in a single shot.  Regardless of the fact that some vaccines may only require 2 shots to build acceptable titers, they are bundled into a combination product that may be administered 6 or 7 times.

When was the last time your pediatrician offered to check your child's titers?

I really believe vaccines are toxic and damage developing immune systems.  The efficacy data is not there to support that vaccines, themselves, are actually working at lowering background rates of these diseases. They were falling before the vaccines were introduced.

We survived chicken pox and the flu.  In this blog, we will embed links in the coming months, and make an effort to decipher the science, to lots of articles/studies from peer reviewed trade journals; this is just my introduction.

Do your own research too.  Eat organic real food, eliminate GMO'S. and breast feed at least a year and longer if possible...

Ps - "Dad" really wanted to get his first post out... wrote it in haste, and decided to edit it.   This is the edited version.   :)


  1. Thank you so much for getting the information out there! It is very much appreciated!

    Crystal <><

  2. Hi, can you please include the journal sources?

  3. Wow! Thanks so much for your honesty! So many appreciate this!

  4. Thanks for editing and reposting (Dad). I look forward to following your future postings, as long as they are edited and clear, hehe. My wife and I have a 7 week old son, yet to have a shot--and so far we intend to keep it that way.

  5. Im glad to not be alone! I have become convinced over the last four years of reading studies and looking at the data that vaccines are absolutely one of the biggest lies our government has ever fed us. If you look that the WHO VPD 2009 report and the VAERS report (adjusting for the FDA's suspected 1-10% report rate), then the picture is clear as day: more children are damaged from vaccines then actually get VPD.

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